Helpful Hints for using Maximo Web Invoicing
(This is the third option on the Vendor Invoice Query screen)

         1. Only those Purchase Orders requiring receipts will show under the Web Invoicing option

         2. Pay-on-Receipt (ERS) Purchase Orders and invoices requiring FIA approvals will not appear
              here. If you are unsure, please contact the TVA Buyer or TVA Accounts Payable personnel.

          3. Vendors are capable of entering invoice dates (system defaults to current date) and these
              dates may go back 2 years.

         4. To submit electronic invoices, click on "Web Invoicing".
                       Enter the 9-digit Vendor code and 2-digit suffix. Note: The suffix code must be
                         entered. If your vendor code does not have a suffix, use suffix code "00" (zero,zero).
                         If you do not have your Vendor code, contact your Purchasing Agent (PA).
                       Your password -- you will use the SAME PASSWORD you previously used to access VIQS.
                         If you have forgotten your password, contact Accounts Payable at [email protected]
                       You will then go to a screen that includes a drop down box showing all POs against your Vendor code.
                       Click on the PO you wish to invoice.
                       You will then see a screen that allows you to enter invoice information.
                       After entering the appropriate info, you can "Review" the information. When you are
                         ready to submit the invoice for processing, click "Save Results".