Helpful Hints for using Maximo Invoice Query
(This is the first option on the Vendor Invoice Query screen)

      To obtain invoice payment information, click on "Maximo Vendor Inquiry".
         From this screen, you must enter either:
          a) The PO number (enter it just as it appears on your purchase order),
              OR the 9-digit Vendor code and 2-digit Suffix. Note: The suffix must be filled -- if
              your vendor code does not have a suffix, use suffix code 00 (zero, zero).

         b) If you do not have either of the above numbers, contact your Contract Manager/Purchasing Agent (CM/PA).

         c) After entering one of the above, enter your password, then click submit. If you have
              forgotten your password, contact Accounts Payable at [email protected]

         d) If you entered a PO #, the screen returns the current status of all invoices applied against this PO #.

         e) If you entered an Invoice #, the screen returns the current status of the invoice entered

          Payment information is updated regularly; however it is not real-time, so payment information
          will not immediately be reflected on these screens.