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Clicking on the VIQs identifier should always return you to the sign-in page. Click on the comments button to send us an e-mail message. Click on the question button to return to this page.

If you have a question that is not addressed here then send us a comment and we'll get an answer back as soon as possible. Be sure to include your name and company, an e-mail address and/or a phone number. We may add your question and the answer in to FAQs page as well.

Q:Can any other people see my invoice information?

A: No. This system has several layers of security implemented to ensure that your invoice information is secured. Only those companies who have registered with TVA's Accounts Payable can access VIQs. The sign-in process permits these vendors to access only their own invoices.  

Q:I'm keying in my vendor number and the password that I have been given, but I'm getting "Sorry, the password and/or vendor ID you specified is not correct", what's wrong?

A: Passwords are case sensitive, it is possible that you are keying in the wrong combination of upper case/lower case characters even though you are keying the correct characters themselves. Otherwise, please contact us through the comments button above.  

Q:Why does my computer just "beep" at me when I try to sign into VIQS?

A: You must enter Vendor Id with password and then Click on the Submit button. Just pressing the Enter button will not work.  

Q:What if an invoice or vendor id can not be found in the system?

A: Send comments by email with information to be reviewed by an Accounts Payable representative or fax copy of invoices to (865)632-6609.  

Q:What does it mean if invoice is shown without a pay date?

A: This means the invoice has been received in the Accounts Payable Department and entered in the system, but the receiving location has not received the materials or services. Pay date will only occur when invoice, receipt or approval of goods and services, and PO agree.  

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